Our Approach

Our philosophy is to better understand the world around us through the use of computing and data with the goal of better understanding the value of companies.  Our approach complements fundamental research driven investment managers by uncovering or providing quantitative metrics tied to KPIs.

We don’t hunt and backtest for correlations nor do we try to maximize the value of a data set.  We look to start with the investment question then discover, collect, and analyze data to provide as much granular and timely insight.

In terms of working with us on a project, we view ourselves as an extension of your research team sharing our experience working in a fund with our expertise on data.  We speak the same language, we understand investing, are aware of legal and compliance issues, and have the systems and tools to be productive immediately.

Our Process


We prefer to start with the question and investment hypothesis.  The more impossible seeming the question, the more value we provide.  Are you looking to predict growth rates of 4G services in Malaysia?  Demand for energy in a state?  Looking to track inventory?

Through a discussion with System 2, we can help uncover strategies or lend our expertise with data vendors to help quantify the KPIs you’re driving at.


Once you start working with us, we’ll put together a proposal to test our collection and analysis capabilities while continuing to investigate additional sources of data that can only be uncovered by doing research.  Our pricing is transparent and the discounts we have from pre-existing data vendors is passed on to you.


Once our proposal has proven the value of the data sources and the analysis validated, we can set the scope of the project to provide ongoing data and analytics.


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